CYBATHLON Challenges


18 - 20 May 2022

18 May: Exoskeleton Race
19 May: Arm Prosthesis Race
20 May: Wheelchair Race

  • ARM

    ARM2u (ES)

    37 Fans

  • ARM

    e-OPRA (SE)

    32 Fans

  • Portrait of a CYBATHLON Team


    Karla Bionics (ID)

    2 Fans

  • Portrait photo of CYBATHLON Team


    Project MARCH (NL)

    1 Fan

  • WHL

    Robility enhanced (CH)

    13 Fans

  • Portrait photo of CYBATHLON Team


    Scewo (CH)

    10 Fans

  • ARM

    SmartArM ARM (FR)

    3 Fans

  • EXO

    VariLeg enhanced 1 (CH)

    16 Fans

  • Bird's eye view of CYBATHLON Team x-OPRA


    x-OPRA (SE)

    27 Fans

  • Hubs and their Teams

  • Zurich (CH)

  • Delft (NL)

  • Bandung (ID)

  • Paris (FR)


Disciplines and Tasks

Host and Commentator

Picture of commentator Nick Fellow

Nick Fellows

Nick Fellows will host the CYBATHLON Challenges in May 2022 from Zurich. The former sports professional already commentated the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition. He has over 30 years experience in television and film documentary across sports, life style and entertainment genres.

Picture by CYBATHLON Project Manager, Roland Sigrist

Roland Sigrist

Roland Sigrist, Head of CYBATHLON, will co-commentate the CYBATHLON Challenges. He will give insights and background information about the CYBATHLON Challenges, the participating teams, the disciplines and their relevant tasks.

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